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Do You Drink Coffee and Have Health Goals?
How can we determine what is the most ideal coffee for our body? Who gets to decide what type of coffee is the most ideal coffee for our body? What are the criteria? What are the theories that support this? What’s the difference between A and B coffee? What is the difference between C coffee and D coffee?

The truth is, the best answer can only be given by someone who has the same concerns as us. A man by the name of Dr. Goodheart has a motto: “your body never lies”, and this is actually the answer. If we need the most ideal coffee for our body in order to achieve health, the only way find the most ideal type of coffee is by asking our body itself.

By using Kinesiology, our body is capable of recognizing the ideal liquid through its own reflexes and meridian system. From the beginning, we has used this principle to choose the ideal coffee for health. The Vibrant World Coffee.

All of our Vibrant World Coffee have been carefully selected and refined to reflect the principles we listed above.
“Allow your body to choose what’s best for you because your body never lies”
( Dr. George Goodheart-USA )

From Bean to Brew – How the Vibrant World Coffee gets into your cup

It’s an uphill battle. Blight, bugs, soil composition, rainfall, temperature—a whole host of dangers lurks in the shadows of the surrounding shade trees, ready to divert the plants’ patient progress. If they do yield healthy, ripened coffee cherries, it’s probably a good thing the plants cannot know what’s in store for their colorful offspring: the picking, milling, drying, shipping, roasting, and eventually grinding—likely passing through some thirty pairs of human hands—that will transform their beans into a very, very fine cup of coffee.

Every step along the way could compromise the quality of the coffee.

Beans can be over-fermented, over-roasted, even transported in a dirty truck that will affect how they smell , taste and their life energy. It’s a high-risk process.

Plant pedigree, altitude, micro-climate, cultivation, transport and storage, all play a part in maintaining the coffee bean’s life energy into the final cup. Green coffee beans are literally seeds of potential flavor and life energy, each with its own particular nature.

The Vibrant World coffee need the right way to maintain their life energy from the bean into your cup. The more life energy inside, the more your body can accept it.

Your body never lies… (Dr. Goodheart, USA)



THE LIFE ENERGY COFFEE RITUAL – The art of drinking the Vibrant World Coffee with Self Healing Method.

Learn how to do the activation of the body’s meridian channels in this Self Healing Classes is crucial in order to receive optimum life energy pouring out of the Vibrant World Coffee.

Within this Self Healing Classes sessions, the whole process of learning is not just about drinking coffee, but it is about learning and mastering the connection between the Life Energy Medicine, the Vibrant World Coffee,  and our body’s intelligence system that it is developed by our body’s meridian system.

The sessions will help strengthen your body’s life energy to clear the blockages in the energy channels ( Meridien ). With abundant organ energy and clearer meridian system, improved organ function is the inevitable result which leads to disappearance of symptoms and unleash your potential. Optimal health is restored, creating comfort, peace, happiness, release of all the stress in the body and in the mind, and unleash your potential.

The art of drinking the Vibrant World Coffee sessions becomes THE LIFE ENERGY COFFEE RITUAL TO UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL.

Before starting your Vibrant World Coffee drinking ritual, the staff will determine which meridian points need to be strengthened. Meridian points are determined depending on the type of the Vibrant World Coffee to be selected. According to the life energy medicine point of view, more life energy, more meridians can be activated. The more meridian points are gained, the greater health benefits you get. It means the more life energy inside the coffee, the healthier type of the Vibrant World Coffee are selected.

This is the main difference between the regular Vibrant World Coffee and the best Vibrant World Coffee for your health.The type of meridian, and how many meridian can be strengthened depending on the life energy content inside the Vibrant World Coffee.

The  regular Vibrant World Coffee  cannot activate meridian point like the better Vibrant World Coffee.

Afterwards, the staff perform muscle testing to check the condition of the special meridian points before the vibrant world coffee drink ritual begins. In general, they will be weak, but should strengthen after you learning and mastering this special Self Healing Classes to unleash your potential.


The Uniqueness of Life Energy Coffee. The best gift from Nuswantara farmers. For a very special person.

For the first time in history coffee is used for healthcare, as introduced by Ibnu Sina, the most famous Persian Moslem physician and scientist, who completed writing his book in 1025:  The Canon of Medicine. This book set standards for physicians and medical school in medieval Europe and the Islam world was used as a standard medical textbook through the 18th century in Europe.

Currently, Vibrant World Coffee is revived to its original beneficial properties. Vibrant World Coffee works up to the body’s meridian level, therefore it assists in strengthening the heart and stomach. Furthermore, it helps in neutralizing cell phone radiation in our body.

100% natural coffee